Exercise and Entertainment for the Masses – the History of the Sport- und Erholungszentrum (SEZ)

The GDR’s first adventure pool is a hulking colossus of a building. When the Sport- und Erholungszentrum (SEZ for short) opened in 1981, it was located at the corner of Leninallee and Dimitroffstraße. Post-unification, both streets have been renamed and are now called Landsberger Allee and Danziger Straße. Purpose-built to provide ample space for exercise and entertainment for the masses, the SEZ proved a massive attraction from day one, attracting 16 million visitors in the first five years – 10,000 a day during peak periods. Without exaggerating, the SEZ was no less important than the Palast der Republik for the people of East Berlin and the whole of socialist East Germany.

Source: skitterphoto.com, Unsplash
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