From ‘Workers’ Lockers’ to ‘Workers’ Palaces’ – Housing in the GDR

Strausberger Platz was a real flagship project for GDR architecture, with many East Germans hoping for a chance to move into one of the apartments. There were features in national newspapers and inaugural festivities to celebrate the arrival of the first tenants. Who were the apartments built for? ‘Workers who were allocated an apartment in the first socialist street as a reward for their achievements’ (Berliner Zeitung, 7 January 1953). A look at the alternatives available at the time shows why these apartments had such a powerful resonance as symbols of aspiration.

Poster for the reconstruction campaign of Berlin, reading ‘Get involved in the National Restoration Scheme’ – Source: Wilhelm Schubert, Plakat, 1952 | Berlin 1952 | Pinterest

Strausberger Platz: 4 Great Places to Swim and Chill on Hot Days

Summer is great. The trees are green, the sky is blue, the sun is shining. The only downside is that, with temperatures in the city quickly climbing past the 30°C/86°F mark, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. Fortunately, Berlin and the surrounding area offer plenty of cool places to escape to when the heat is on. Read on for our top 4 spots to swim and chill.

Central Berlin - Swimming near Strausberger Platz
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Strausberger Platz: The Best Locations for Any Occasion

Strausberger Platz is located at the very heart of Berlin, only a stone’s throw from some of the capital’s best restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions. Whether you’re just visiting Berlin or a Strausberger Platz resident, here are a few locations you should check out at least once…although you’ll probably come back again and again!

From historic GDR architecture to iconic sights and tips for a fun night or day out, we’ll bring you everything you’ll need to know to make the most of your time in the Strausberger Platz area.

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Exciting Times Ahead for the Berliner Ensemble Theatre Company

Located in Berlin’s government district, less than 2.5 miles from Strausberger Platz, the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm has been the home of the famous Berliner Ensemble theatre company – established by none other than Bertolt Brecht, one of Germany’s best-known 20th century poets and playwrights – since 1954. After spending the years of Hitler’s regime in exile, Brecht and his wife, the actor Helene Weigel, left Hollywood in 1947 and eventually returned to (East) Berlin at the behest of the Soviet-sponsored Cultural Association for the Democratic Renewal of Germany, which invited him to set up his own theatre company. The Berliner Ensemble, or BE for short, quickly made a name for itself with guest performances all across Europe. Today, the BE remains true to Brecht’s principles of ‘Epic Theatre’ and retains its international reputation for excellence.

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