Truth or Legend? 7 (False) Facts about the GDR

The close to three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall have been marked by a proliferation of urban legends and stereotypes about socialist East Germany. A closer look at the reality of everyday life in the GDR shows that while there may be some truth to some of these, others are complete fabrications. We’ve explored a few of the most prominent stories to help you untangle fact from fiction.

Image source: tiefpics – photocase

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The Culinary Capital – East German Cooking and International Cuisine

Berlin today is more international than ever. Influences from all over the world are obvious on the streets as well as in the local restaurant scene. From Asian to Latin American, Oriental to African cooking, a wide variety of international flavours are easy to find in Berlin. This Saturday marks the start of Berlin Food Week, a week of food markets and events to celebrate good eating.

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The Perfect Berlin Day for GDR Lovers

So I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re (to some extent) as fascinated by the GDR as I am. You might have visited Berlin before, or maybe you’re still planning your first visit. And chances are you’re thinking: where to start?! I know, because I had the same feeling while planning for New York a couple of weeks ago. Fear no more, because I am here to provide you with the perfect day for fans of (GDR) history. Good to know: make sure you have a day ticket for the public transport.

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Exploring the GDR’s Ruins

While Strausberger Platz is an excellent example of perfectly preserved GDR history and architecture, Berlin also has plenty of buildings from the same period that haven’t been this lucky. They are forgotten and awaiting a slow but inevitable decay or demolition. Sad, isn’t it? As a big fan of GDR history/architecture AND abandoned buildings, these places are small pieces of paradise to me. I’ve visited quite a lot of them and I’d like to share my favourites with you.

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