4 East German Photographers Whose Names You Should Know

The leading East German compact system cameras Praktica and Pentacon were manufactured by a state-owned enterprise in Dresden’s Niedersedlitz district, cementing the Saxonian city’s reputation as a cradle of innovation in East German photography and camera technology.
Many photographers have used these cameras to record life in the former GDR before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of these images are now on display as part of an exhibition at the Schloss Biesdorf Arts Centre in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Read on to find out more about four of the most prominent among the 22 photographers featured in the exhibition, which is titled ‘Blick Verschiebung’ (‘Shift in Perspective’) and runs until 8 April 2018.

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At Home with One of Berlin’s Greatest Art Enthusiasts

For many people living at Strausberger Platz, moving here was a conscious choice to make a very special place their home . Ingrid Roosen-Trinks, the managing director of Klassik Radio, chair of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation and curator of the Hamburg Art Week, is one of them.

Let’s pay her a visit and find out what motivated her to come here.

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Behind the scenes

In East Germany, art and crafts were part of a deliberate attempt to develop a collective consciousness—even if the end results were often only as beautiful as the State allowed. The collective art produced during the 1970s may eventually have disappeared from East Germany, but there is still art to be discovered in the public spaces around Strausberger Platz.

image courtesy of Andreas Tölke

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