Central Berlin lottery: Winner Daphne is moving into her new home at Strausberger Platz

To live in a freshly renovated, spacious, three-room apartment at Strausberger Platz in the heart of Berlin –  for a whole year, rent free. This is exactly what 27-year-old Daphne from Haarlem near Amsterdam is now looking forward to. Daphne is the winner of our Central Berlin Apartment Lottery. Berlin-loving Daphne used her winning essay to describe exactly what makes Strausberger Platz so special to her. Competition was strong as roughly 200 people entered the lottery before the judges chose Daphne’s essay as the winner.



Winning Essay: A trip through time to the 1960s

From 1 June, Daphne and her boyfriend, together with their cat, will be rubbing shoulders with members of Berlin’s buouyant arts’ scene and reporting on their lives at Strausberger Platz on our Eastern Blog. One thing is sure: you have many top-class articles to look forward to! Daphne has already proven her extraordinary creativity with her winning essay. She described how she was dazzled by the sun’s glare as she was cycling along Karl-Marx-Allee, only to find herself transported to Stalin Allee in the 1960s, where she met the American singer, Paul Robeson. Daphne’s unconventional contribution impressed the jury’s members, Einar Skjerven, CEO of the Skjerven Group, Christian Tänzler, press officer from VisitBerlin and Andreas Tölke, architecture and design author. Our Central Berlin Apartment Lottery gave Berlin fans from all over the world the chance to live at Strausberger Platz and become a part of this pulsating district for a year, rent free. Candidates had to write and tell us, in German or English, why they should get to live at Strausberger Platz.



Lottery tradition at Strausberger Platz

The Skjerven Group’s international lottery for an apartment at Strausberger Platz ties in with the eventful history of Strausberger Platz and Karl-Marx-Allee: in 1952, after just four years of building work, Europe’s last great boulevard was creates as one of the major elements of the GDR’s post-war rebuilding program. Such rapid construction was only possible because the workers gave everything to the project. As a reward for their oustanding performance, a lottery was organised to give workers the chance to move into a number of the newly-constructed apartments. For every 300 hours on the job, or every 100 half shifts, a worker was given a ticket for the lottery for an apartment on Karl-Marx-Allee.

We are really excited to have Daphne as the winner of our apartment lottery and can’t wait to find out what she has to write about her life at Strausberger Platz. You will be able to follow Daphne via our blog as she begins to share her experiences and impressions from June. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent us their creative, amusing, exciting and entertaining essays! We reveived so many fantastic entries that it wasn’t easy to choose the final winner. THANK YOU ALL!!