Interflug and Klappfix: How to Holiday in the GDR

Is there anything better than travelling the world, getting to know foreign cultures and relaxing in the sun?

Travel planning looked a little different for residents of the GDR: most holidays were spent in their own country or one of the neighbouring socialist states. Still, the GDR had its own airline that flew even as far as Cuba, China and Mozambique.

It’s still there, the Haus des Reisens (house of travel). With its 18 floors and height of 67 metres it’s the tallest building on Alexanderplatz after the Park Inn hotel. Until German reunification, this was the place to visit when you wanted to book your holiday. It was the HQ of ‘Reisebüro der DDR’ (the state travel organization) and had counters for flight and train tickets inside and outside the GDR.

Beach chair. Image courtesy of antjeschade /

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