Seven amazing facts you should know about TV in the GDR

“It wasn’t all bad in the GDR” – this same tongue-in-cheek sentence can also be used to describe television in the GDR. Many well-known and long-running German television programs started in East Germany. Not everything in the GDR had a political or ideological slant, as one might readily suspect. Admittedly, films produced and broadcast in the East were more affected by censorship and politicization, but there were also some highlights on the German television station “Deutsches Fernsehfunk des Osten” from the 1960s onwards, which were widely viewed. We have put together seven facts for you below, many of which will surprise you.
turned off black television
Image courtesy of Ajeet Mestry / unsplash
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How Berlin Ended Up with Four Airports

Berlin’s status as a divided city during the post-war period has led to a number of peculiarities. Many public facilities and cultural institutions come in twos or more. Thus, Berlin boasts more zoos, opera houses, large squares etc. than many other cities of similar size – and more airports, too! Since construction started on the new international Berlin Brandenburg Airport, these have recently been in the news quite a lot. We think it’s time for a round-up of historic facts and recent events – everything you need to know about Berlin’s not one, not two, but four airports.

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