The Breakfast Guide for any Mood

Breakfast. It used to be that one meal during the day that I really didn’t have to think about. Porridge on weekdays, and a croissant and a boiled egg on the weekend if I was feeling fancy. But then I moved to Berlin and within a few weeks, breakfast turned into one of the most important meals of the day.

Not necessarily because I was constantly recovering from big nights out, but because I discovered how amazing breakfast can be. Pancakes, avocado, home-cooked oats, the best cheeses and coffee that blows your mind – I never wanted to eat porridge again. I once read that while New York is the city that never sleeps, Berlin is the city where it’s always someone’s morning – and therefore always time for breakfast. Here’s my breakfast guide for any mood!
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Beyond Prefab: the GDR’s Best (?) Architects

What do you know about architecture in the GDR? It started with the Stalinist palaces on Karl-Marx-Allee and ended with endless boring prefab buildings (‘Plattenbauten’)? Think again. Even though building was – like everything else in the GDR – a government-run affair, there were still some architects that grew to be stars. They designed properties that still define Berlin, each an inseparable part of the time they were built in and each telling us about more than just architecture. So allow me to introduce you to three of the most remarkable architects of the GDR.
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East German Doll Houses: Miniature Interiors Showcase the History of Design in the GDR

Few people may be aware today just how popular East German doll houses and their furniture used to be in West Germany in the period between the 1950s and 1970s. Pick up any West German mail-order catalogue from that period, or look at photographs of children’s rooms and it seems quite obvious that toytown was never divided by a wall. There was a good reason for the popularity of these miniature interiors: they were sophisticated designs lovingly crafted in a style we would now refer to as mid-century and search out in vintage collections such as Gallery Central Berlin or on eBay.

Miniature Berlin; Source: Elena Noeva / Shutterstock
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