Spring! (and How to Deal with It)

“You went for a run? How do you do that? It’s so cold!” My Australian neighbour (“We have 10 days of clouds where I’m from”) couldn’t believe I’d gone for a run last week, when the temperature was 10 degrees Celsius. “It’s spring!” I told her. And yes, now that we almost hit the 20-degree mark last Monday, it really IS spring. Finally. We survived winter. So in order to make myself even happier and to inspire you, it’s time to make plans for my favourite time of the year.

Central Berlin - Frühling in Berlin

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The Perfect Berlin Day for GDR Lovers

So I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’re (to some extent) as fascinated by the GDR as I am. You might have visited Berlin before, or maybe you’re still planning your first visit. And chances are you’re thinking: where to start?! I know, because I had the same feeling while planning for New York a couple of weeks ago. Fear no more, because I am here to provide you with the perfect day for fans of (GDR) history. Good to know: make sure you have a day ticket for the public transport.

Image courtesy of flobox / photocase.de

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Road Trip through the Former GDR

My fascination for the GDR goes back many years now – I even studied its history in college – but somehow I’d never seen anything of East Germany except Berlin. So three summers ago, I decided it was time for a road trip. Mark and me packed our things, crossed the Dutch-German border and went all the way east. It was time to finally get to know this part of Germany that I was so intrigued by.

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