Alexanderplatz – A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Alexanderplatz might be the strangest square in all of Europe. It’s world famous and a must-see for every visitor to Berlin. But why? It doesn’t have any character or appeal – it’s just a huge open space surrounded by not-so-great-looking buildings housing chain shops. Oh yes, and then there’s this huge concrete tower. Because of all this, it might also be one of the most disappointing squares in Europe. But in this Valentine’s week, let’s try to give our good old “Alex” a bit of Liebe and focus on some little-known facts about it.

Alexanderplatz today. Image courtesy of john_coffee/

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Forbidden Food

Just imagine: a country without pizza. No margherita, no calzone, no quattro formaggi. As the first pizzerias were starting to make their appearance in West Germany, the East-German government couldn’t allow this Italian – and therefore non-socialist – delicacy. They put it on the blacklist, together with American snacks like hamburgers and hotdogs. You wanted fast food? There was currywurst. Little did the government know about the power of pizza – because it didn’t take too long before it found its way to the people.

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