And the Bear Goes to…

Strausberger Platz – lights, camera, action. This year’s Berlinale entries are currently being shot in the heart of Berlin.

From 11 to 21 February, cinephiles from all over the world will be gathering in Berlin. More than 400 films will be screened and almost half a million tickets sold at the Berlinale, making it one of the major events in the international film festival calendar.
It’s always been a festival of superlatives – not least for the journalists from 160 countries who will attend the red-carpet parade at Potsdamer Platz. Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep – tuxedos and evening gowns will crackle in the cold air.

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The View from Above

Let’s talk about a mistake most people make when visiting Berlin. It has to do with one of Europe’s most important landmarks, which I can almost touch from my bedroom window (with an emphasis on “almost”, because I’d need 600 metre long arms to actually reach it). Apparently people think they need to enter the Fernsehturm in order to have the best view in Berlin.

A quite expensive (13 euros!) miscalculation, if you ask me. What’s the view of Berlin worth, if the tower itself – which I dearly love, don’t get me wrong – is not included? Therefore I’ll give you my Top 7 of the best views in Berlin, all of them very special locations. None of them will cost you more than a little extra breath as your climbing to the top.

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Fashion Week… It’s That Time of the Year Again

In the fashion capital Berlin, Strausberger Platz is a hotspot for photoshoots. Watching models styled to within an inch of their lives dance gracefully on the edge of the fountain at the heart of the square is almost an everyday occurrence for local residents. From Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar to Dazed & Confused, own fashion mag after another turns up at the fountain and the photographers can’t get enough of these clear lines of sight.

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