From commuter to digital nomad

My life used to be amazing. I was one of those commuters who took the 8 AM train every morning, rode the elevator up to the 7th floor in a big office tower, powered her computer up and only left the building for a short lunchtime walk. To make sure we wouldn’t get too much daylight, the architect had even darkened all of the office’s windows. As a result, even on the sunniest days, it seemed as if we were witnessing dusk on a grey day in January – no temptation to go out, whatsoever.

And suddenly everything changes...
And suddenly life changed.  (image courtesy of evali /

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Berlin Food Art Week 2015 – Food as Art and Art as Food

Surfing social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram reveals a universal truth: “Food connects”. It makes no difference whether it’s home-cooked or savoured in a 3-star restaurant, lovingly arranged or “on the fly” during a hasty lunch break – the internet has been taken over by pictures of food on plates. From 19 to 26 June art and food will also rule in Berlin.


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When dreams come true…

I remember the first time. Of course I do. I had read about it, I probably knew what to expect. But still I wasn’t fully prepared and I was touched in a way that I never could have predicted. The way the street opens up to you straight from Alexanderplatz, the tall buildings, the towers at the far end, the tiles and ornaments, the mosaics and the Fernsehturm watching over you from behind.Karl-Marx-Allee: it was love at first sight. This was without a doubt one of the most amazing streets I had ever seen.

My first time on Karl-Marx-Allee (2007)

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